Here are the two ways you can buy an investment property in today’s market.

With everything that’s going on with real estate, many people want to know how they can buy an investment property right now. There are two mains ways to do it:

  1. The traditional way. You use your tax documents or W2s to show your income can satisfy the debt-to-income requirements for both your personal property and the investment property. You cannot use future rent for this unless you’re buying a duplex that already has tenants.
  2. Non-qualified mortgage loan. This is the easiest way to buy an investment property. It becomes a standalone property, and whatever income it’s producing is what you use to qualify. It doesn’t matter how much money you make— if the property can be rented out for $2,000, that’s the number we use to get you qualified. For this option, you’ll need at least 30% for the down payment.

“Property values are through the roof.”

Many people are cashing out their investment properties right now to buy other properties because property values are through the roof. So yes, you can buy an investment property in our present market if you have the down payment, which will be between 10% and 30% down. Just remember that you can’t use FHA or VA financing.

If you have questions about buying investment properties or any other matter, you can reach me via phone or email. I hope to hear from you soon.